Retreat Facilitators

Vlada Inlight
(The Retreat Guide)

Professional Yoga & Meditation Facilitator. Spiritual Guide. Wellness Coach. Detox Diet And Healing Therapist. Reiki & White Light Energy Worker.

Everything that she teaches whether it is about yoga practice, spirituality or energy healing is coming from the depth of her heart and years of dedicated self-work and personal practice.

Yoga is a powerful ancient method of self-realization. As a fundamental knowledge about asana, pranayama, and meditation, Vlada applies traditional Hatha yoga principles in her classes.

During these retreats, Vlada offers steady, mindful and deep practice, including knowledge on energy channels, meridians, and chakras.

She is drawn to meditation and constantly discovers new tools to develop and expand her practice and teachings. Her passion is to bring people closer to the realization of their divinity and spiritual abundance.

Vlada teaches and spreads the knowledge on nutrition based on the law of Mother Nature. Everything from detoxification and purifying once body to making raw food a lifetime healing journey. From her experience fasts, cleanses and raw food diet set the organs free from the old waste matter, and it is the only wise way to keep the body young and self-regenerating throughout the years. For the last 8 years, Vlada Inlight is guiding her clients into the miracles of healing nutrition, create and teach transformational yoga & meditation programs, work as a spiritual mentor and energy healer.

As she has a natural gift of intuitive energy reading and can sense and feel blockages or stagnation in the energy body of people, she loves to offer chakra balancing and intuitive energy healing sessions.

Olha Tirtha
(The Chef)

Certified Raw Food & Plant-Based Chef. Detox Coach. Raw Food Teacher.

Plant-based and Raw food is Olha’s passion. She is a professional and Certified Raw & Healing Food Chef studied from different teachers around the globe. Olha is always expanding her nutrition awareness and drawing inspiration from various food approaches (Ayurveda, Macrobiotics, Raw & Healing Food) to create a unique fusion of taste.

Her genuine intention is to share the experience and knowledge about how to pursue the love for good food with the help of raw & plant-based nutrition.

During Raw Food Workshop, Olha will provide with tools on how to elevate and heal your relationship with the food & your body.

“My ultimate goal is to live life as a more awakened, vibrant, alive human being. And this is where raw food magic comes in. As a chef, I want to deliver the same sensation to guests and watch them shining and glowing after one week of gourmet raw food experience here at Bliss Body Retreat.”